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Natasha Ashley Nutrition

Personal Life

I'm a South Florida native hailing from Carol City, now known as Miami Gardens. From an early age, I faced what many African American youth and adults face in America: the difficulty of obesity, so I sought to make changes.

I help people who I can connect with. I have had my own battles and triumphs with weight loss. I understand the stress and struggles of juggling work, family, and social life while trying to put your nutrition and health first. I get the difficulty of trying to choose healthier options, but emotions and inconsistencies make you feel like you’re undisciplined and out of control. I welcome transparency, especially if it helps me to connect and understand the perspectives of my clients.


Natasha started building a solid educational foundation by attending Florida State University and majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in 2006, she returned home to use her knowledge of nutrition to aid those who mattered most to her—the people in her community. Natasha began volunteering more after realizing that many of the neighborhoods were underserved and in “food deserts,” lacking adequate access to nutritious, affordable food.


Natasha started giving nutrition education seminars at her church and became known as the “Nutrition Lady.” This led her to begin her entrepreneurship journey by launching Nutrition and You, now known as Natasha Ashley Nutrition. Natasha has helped hundreds of clients, working with Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and other public health programs, the geriatric population in long-term care facilities, and other vulnerable, underserved populations in dialysis centers and hospitals to help them achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

She has participated in nutrition and health speaking engagements for Macy’s, The Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network, The Urban League, and other prominent businesses. Natasha wanted to understand more about the science of nutrition and how it affected the populations she was working with. This led her to New York City, where she earned her Master of Science degree from New York University. Her master’s thesis focused on nutrition and how it affects fibroids in minority women, which is one of the most unknown diagnoses amongst women.

Natasha currently lives in New York City, where she enjoys supporting her clients as a Registered Dietitian.


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